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Principal's Notes

Dear Parents,

At Children of the World International Preschool ( C.O.W. School), we are committed to promoting healthy emotional, social, intellectual and physical development in young children through a sound Early Childhood Education programme in English. To that end we follow the English National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) with the relevant enrichments from US, Canadian and Russian school curricular.

Young children’s brains are equipped to absorb language and learn to speak without the necessity of formal language lessons; they learn by hearing the language spoken around them and adapting what they hear to form their own responses.  C.O.W. School provides a total English immersion learning environment where children gain an understanding of the English language simply by going about the daily classroom routine. Native English speaking teachers encourage the children to repeat new words and to communicate and express themselves using their newly acquired vocabulary through a variety of creative and fun activities.

The academic programme at C.O.W. School introduces children to the basics of reading, writing, mathematics and science through a multi-disciplinary approach. The Nursery group learns quantitative concepts and the letters-phonics of the English alphabet, and the Reception group continues to enhance reading, writing and mathematical skills. During their time at C.O.W. School, children are encouraged to become more independent in all areas of their academic, personal and social development. C.O.W. School teaches the children to use English in their everyday communication and establishes a firm grounding for their future successful education in English in a secondary school.

We value the individuality of each child and are proud to offer a flexible approach to learning so that children are able to progress at their own rate and are best able to achieve their full potential.

Children of the World International Preschool looks forward to educating your children!


Mrs.Victoria Prozèraj,

C.o.W. Pre-School Principal