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Why Choose Us?

1. Parents trust C.o.W. school: Exceptional Care and Academically Rich Environment.
We are fully licensed and have all necessary permissions to provide tuition and care to young children. All health and safety requirements are strictly enforced. Our experienced professional team of teachers can guarantee success of every student. Your child will speak fluent English within a very short period of time and will demonstrate wonderful results in all other areas of studies.

2. Children are happy at school: Social Success of Every Child.
C.o.W. is a happy school with highly experienced, dedicated and caring staff who are able to maximize the learning potential of young children. Children love the school. They quickly gain independence and self-confidence. Our syllabus is cheerful and age-appropriate. We don’t allow children to grow too quickly. Instead, we prefer them enjoy their childhood years.

3. Not-for-Profit Organization: Best Value for Money.
C.o.W. school has a high reputation for being a children-led and family-oriented school. We are a not-for-profit organization and our sole aim is the welfare and happiness of our students. We are positive that our prices are very reasonable when compared to other English schools and kindergartens in Moscow, while the quality of our service is definitely higher than the majority of them provide.