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We are proud to provide a valuable service to our families. Over 100 parents gave their high appreciation to C.o.W.School.

Here you can read just a small selection of testimonials kindly provided by our current and former clients.

1. “Children of the World” pre-school is a fantastic, educational environment. We looked at a lot of schools and none quite compared. Emma was reading at age 4 and loves math and music, all of which was fostered from the loving, encouraging teachers that she has had here. Our daughter loves it and has learned so much, we can't wait for our son to experience it too!

- Krista H., Germany, Parent

2. I think the biggest asset of “Children of the World” preschool is its family-like atmosphere. Many people have a misconception that the small size of a kindergarten would make it more difficult for their child in a “big” school. However, being in a small close-knit community allowed our children to interact more closely with the teachers and become more involved with school activities. Teachers at C.o.W. are very passionate and supportive of their students. Our children spent two years at C.o.W. preschool and it really helped them to become more confident and prepared them for AAS perfectly well. Moreover, we as parents are confident that positive experiences that they had at this preschool will guide them through school and career for years to come.

- Nina and Christopher N., U.S. Parents of 2013 leavers

3. “Children of the World” International Pre-school was the best year of my daughter's educational life. She is different; she is better -- more confident, cheerful and other-centered -- than she was before. Before this preschool our daughter attended another kindergarten in Moscow. It was clear that she is very intelligent and capable but she always felt very shy and the teachers there were not very supportive.  At C.o.W. she enjoyed her every day, she was so excited about her new friends, teachers and school activities. And herEnglish language skills had improved dramatically; this has led to her becoming a main speaker in the assemblies at her current school in Dubai in which there are over 1,000 students."

- Lola A., Parent of 2013 leaver

4. I chose C.o.W. School initially because of class size and teacher ratio, and the broadminded ‘international’ focus of the curriculum. However, we have stayed at school for all the benefits it continues to give my child like the feeling of a big family who come from all different places. He has developed enquiry skills, so he can continually learn about how his decisions and behaviour affects his group, his community and the world. There is a tremendous feeling of warmth in the Children of the World community that benefits both the local Russian families and the expatriate families.

- Monica P., Slovenia, Parent.

5. After visiting many schools, I knew immediately that Children of the World was the right choice for our son and family as it had everything we were looking for and so much more – small class sizes, amazing teachers, a caring community and a dynamic and nurturing curriculum!

 - Michael R., US, Parent

6. We wanted a school where our daughters would get up every morning dying to get to class to do fun, academic hands-on projects that they could really find useful in today’s world. We found just that when we enrolled them to Children of the World International Pre-school.

 - Linda and Laslo M., Hungary

7. Russia is my daughter’s third country to live in. When she was 4 years old, she and I visited Children of the World International Preschool. She saw children’s artwork on the wall and asked the teacher Miss Andrea, “What is that?”, meaning, “What have the children drawn?”  Miss Andrea replied, “What do you think they are?” and the two of them had a serious conversation about art and how viewers can see both what the artist created as well as bring their own vision to the piece. All of this on a level for a 4-year-old to understand! It was in that instant that I knew C.o.W. school was the right choice for my child. Now, two years later, my daughter has both an excellent academic base and she thinks critically about what she sees, reads and hears. The ability to think critically is a crucial skill for a global citizen, and it is a central tenet of Children of the World Preschool international curriculum. I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff of Children of the World preschool and I do recommend this preschool to all my friends!

 - Veronique B., France

8. On my own bahalf and behalf of The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Russian Federation let me extend the gratitude and respect for providing educational services for my son Ahmad Alrefaie, who was studying in your school during the 2015-2016. I appreciate the attention, knowledge and experience that your teachers and their assistans gave to my son. I also would like to note the contribution of the school leadership and the administration, who do their work with full responsibility, and wish your school success and prosperity.
The Embassy of the State Kuwait in the Russian Federation avails itself of this opportunity to renew to "Children of the World" International Pre-School the assurances of its highest consideration.

 - Jamal Alrefaie, Kuwait