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What is Our school?

1. Not-for-Profit Organisation

Children of the World International Preschool has a high reputation for being a caring children-led and family-friendly school. We are a not-for-profit organization and our main aim is the welfare and happiness of our students.
The school’s family oriented setting, low teacher-pupil ratio, multicultural make-up and lively social life set us apart from other preschools. In a warm and friendly but not permissive atmosphere, each child can learn at his or her own pace, acquiring knowledge and understanding which will allow him to approach abstract thinking.

2. Parent-Teacher Relationship

Parents and teachers hold regular meetings in keeping with the school’s tradition of communication and social life which have always formed a part of the school policy.

3. Age Appropriate Syllabus

At Children of the World International Preschool, we strive to build an environment that fosters a child’s innate love of learning and develops their natural, intellectual curiosity.  Our curriculum is fully play-based.

Above all, we want children to develop the capacity to enjoy learning.  As children go through the preschool, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, but we extend this wherever possible to make use of the wonderful facilities available for C.o.W. students.  There is always a busy atmosphere at our preschool and students have great fun enjoying the wide range of activities that are on offer, both indoors and out.

Each day is jam-packed with games, fun learning activities, crafts, music, dancing, story and drama time, baking, exercising and many other playful activities to keep our students engaged in learning and socializing.  All the activities are done under the careful guidance of our team of well trained, well qualified and dedicated members of staff, who are there to support each and every child in every aspect of their development.