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YEAR 1 and YEAR 2 (age 5 – 6 and 6 – 7)

I feel so fortunate for my children to be part of
Children of the World pre-school.”

C.o.W. school’s Parent.


In our EYFS syllabus we give students the opportunity to experience each letter through several different senses - seeing, hearing, and touching – so that the children are able easily to remember their shapes and sounds. The many activities we utilise allow children of all learning styles to establish a relationship with the letters and to build an understanding that makes all the difference when it comes to learning to read and write. By the end of the Foundation Stage our students demonstrate ability to read and write above the expectations at their age. 


According to the English National Curriculum children of 5-6 and 6-7 years of age attend school Year 1 and Year 2, which are considered to be the so called ‘Key Stage1’ of the Primary School in UK.


In Year 1 everything starts to become a little more formal, as the freedom and play of Reception are replaced with more organised activities.  The programme focuses on the key subjects of English, Mathematics and Science; the other very important subjects introduced include: Geography, History and ICT (Computers) as a separate subject. The students go on with Art and Craft classes, Music and Dance classes, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Education.


There are a few new activities which we introduce at this stage:

* “Peer reading” – Year 1 Children visit Nursery and Reception groups to read them out loud a book and to take on fun planned activities together;
* School Trips – Several school trips take place during the year that link to the current topics which students study.

Creating well-rounded, highly capable individuals, our Primary school environment encourages all pupils to flourish, enjoy school and have lots of fun along the way.