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NURSERY (age 3 – 4)

“Children flourish at the C.o.W. School, they thoroughly enjoy their learning and achieve extremely well in relation to their starting points”,
Parent of summer 2014 leaver.




Our Nursery isn’t simply a happy, safe environment, where children learn through play; they are allowed to develop at their own pace and are made to feel confident and able to achieve.

Our highly professional teachers gently and carefully bring to life subjects such as literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW), music, art, ballet, drama and physical development (PE).

A rich tradition of oral language and classic stories provides the backdrop for children’s first exploration into the world of literacy. Each day students are immersed in a language-rich environment as they listen to stories, recite poetry, and learn new songs. Familiarity with individual letters is achieved through activities that engage the student artistically, physically, and musically. Emphasis is placed on integrating the sounds and shapes of each letter in preparation for reading.

The activities are always age-appropriate, challenging and fun:

Language Play — Everyday
Books and Songs — All Day Long

In Math, students are gently introduced to the world of numbers through play-based activities, crafts, and storytelling. Math skills are fostered through working with patterns, grouping and sorting, and learning to draw geometric shapes.

Science, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Healthy Habbits round out the Kindergarten experience. Each week students participate in nature walks, watercolor painting, puppetry, storytelling, circle songs and games, cooking, gardening, movement activities, and imitative games.

Class projects, plays, nature walks, educational visits and workshops by artists, actors and musicians are used to enrich the learning process. There is also the opportunity to join after-school clubs in Music, Art Therapy, and Drama.

A healthy, nurturing rhythm of learning is established that will serve you and your child for years to come.