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Pastoral Care and Good Manners

The school aims to provide a happy, caring environment for all children. The Head Teachers of Nursery and Primary School Departments are the key links between home and school and any problems, however small, should be referred to them immediately. The emphasis is placed on learning to live together and on the need for kindness and consideration for others.

We strictly introduce good manners at the school and treat little children as young ladies and young gentlemen. Carefully planned ‘Personal, Social and Health Education’ (PSHE) lessons are an important part of helping children grow up to become responsible, respectful and morally-aware young adults.

At C.o.W School, our PSHE classes have the following main objectives:

* To teach the facts relating to health issues elemental to development and growth
* To help children understand the concepts of tolerance, respect and liberty
* To enable children to acquire skills relating to personal safety, discussion and decision-making
* To encourage children to develop informed opinions and attitudes about a range of personal, social and moral issues