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Children of the World” International Preschool’s curriculum is patterned after Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS), Key Stage1 and Key Stage2 of English National Curriculum and in many cases goes much further. We have enriched our curriculum and syllabus with corresponding standards and themes of US, Canadian and Russian school curricular.

Our curriculum is a comprehensive framework that sets very high standards for learning, development and care for children of preschool and primary school age and serves as a bridge to the secondary school curriculum.

Our curriculum covers following main principles, namely:

* Personal, Social and Emotional Development
* Communication, Language and Literacy
* Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
* Knowledge and Understanding of the World
* Physical Development
* Social and Emotional Development
* Creative Development

Each age group is offered an appropriate programme that includes English language development, mathematics and quantitative reasoning, creative expression, scientific exploration, music and creative movement, fitness and cooking class.

Our classrooms are arranged into Learning Centres. The materials provided are open-ended so that each and every child can gain a sense of success each and every time.

Children are exposed to whole group work, mini-groups and individual instructions every day. The syllabus is designed to meet individual needs and interests so that every child can work to its full potential.